1. Payment

  • When booking online, 50% of the booking price must be paid for the rental period. In the case of an online cancellation at: info@radverleih-zonien.de, 20% will be retained as a cancellation fee.Groups of 4 and more can receive special conditions on request for a rental period of 3 days or more.
  • If the bike does not show up at the beginning of the rental period, the bike will be reserved for one day and the deposit will not be refunded if the renter does not show up.
  • The remaining amount can be paid when the rental starts, preferably in cash or by credit card. The credit card service is only available for Visa and MasterCard
  • At the start of the rental there is a deposit of 500 € for racing bikes and 200 € for MTBs  to be paid. The deposit can be cash  deposited or blocked by credit card.
  • The repayment in cash or approval on the credit card takes place when the bike is properly returned.


2. Rental contract

  • The contract can only be concluded by a person older than 18 years. This person is responsible for the rented equipment including all extras booked
  • All other conditions can be found in the rental agreement


3. Equipment

  • The lessor is responsible for ensuring that the bikes are handed over in a technically perfect condition. 
  • Both contracting parties confirm the condition on handover on the rental agreement
  • The renting person undertakes to treat the bike and all attachments and additional equipment with care and in compliance with the technical and traffic regulations.
  • The renting person undertakes to report any defects that have occurred during the rental period at the latest when they are returned.


4. Insurance

  • The bikes are NOT insured by "Matthias Bike Corner Cyprus LTD".
  • The lessor is therefore not liable for damage to the bike or third parties, accidents, loss, theft or any kind of improper handling.
  • By signing the rental agreement, the renting person confirms that they have appropriate insurance for the rental period (e.g. liability, accident insurance ...)


5. Liability

  • The renting person is obliged to return the bike in the same condition in which it was taken over.
  • The person renting is fully liable for any damage to the bike or loss of the bike for the rental period. If the bike is a total loss, the person renting the bike must reimburse all costs incurred (replacement value, shipping, downtime to purchase a new one of 3 weeks x 0.75 and any transport/administrative costs incurred).
  •  If the bike is lost, the liability is the maximum amount of liability (new value including shipping costs).
  • In the case of repairs carried out by the renting person, liability is the amount of the repair (labor, spare parts, shipping costs) plus any loss of rent of a maximum of 1 week
  • The renting person is not allowed to carry out any repairs on the bike. The renting person is fully responsible for any damage caused by repairs. Exceptions are fine adjustments of the gearshift / brake or wheel breakdowns where an exchange of the hose is necessary.
  • If a third party pays for the damage, this must be clarified between the renting person and the person who caused the damage. The contract partner is liable to the lessor.
  • In the event of an accident or theft / loss of the bike, the lessor must be informed immediately. In the event of an accident involving a third party, a report may be required. 
  • Damage caused by improper transport must be paid for by the person renting the vehicle.
  • The use of all bikes on the beach (in the sand) or in connection with salt water is prohibited. In the event of non-compliance, there will be a contractual penalty in the amount of the deposit.


6. Lessor's disclaimer of liability

  • A strict liability of the lessor is excluded. He is only liable for intent and gross negligence.
  • Insofar as the landlord is called upon by third parties due to a violation by the tenant of statutory provisions or official requirements, the renting person is obliged to indemnify the landlord in full from liability. There are all obligations of the landlord in the internal relationship  taken over by the renting person.


7. Receipt, transport and delivery of the bike

  • The bikes are generally issued in the shop.
  • Both parties record the condition of the bike in the rental agreement. The rental company must provide the bikes in a clean, technically perfect condition. Comments or deviations must be recorded in writing in the rental agreement
  • A delivery to the accommodation of the renting person can take place
  • A transport by the renting person may only take place if the appropriate equipment is available. Otherwise, transport is prohibited. The renting person is liable for any damage, see also point 5.
  • In general, it is not forbidden to cycle on the north side of Cyprus. Please note that this is done at your own risk.
  • The bike and all add-on parts / all additional equipment are generally returned in the shop, but can also be done at the accommodation, as under point "c".
  • The renting person undertakes to return the bike to the lessor in a technically perfect condition. The "normal" signs of use, wear and tear or soiling arising during the rental period are covered by the landlord.